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About the company

DataRobot offers data scientists and analysts an automated machine learning platform in the cloud. Without coding, the platform lets customers design, deploy, and manage machine learning models. Data visualization, feature engineering, and model interpretability are also available on DataRobot's platform. Banking, healthcare, retail, insurance, and manufacturing use the platform. It simplifies data science for business users and organizations by automating it.


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Top-notch medical, dental, and commuter benefits. We even offer pet insurance for your furry friends.

-A world-class team

Tokyo. Singapore. Ukraine. Our work is global, and so are our offices.

-Company outings

We’re always up for fun, and if we can get out of the office and have fun together, all the better. Our summer outings and holiday parties make for great memories.

-Flexible time off

We trust you to take the time you need when you feel it is appropriate, given your workload and responsibilities. No need to track it or save up.

-We invest in you

We’re at the top of our industry because of our employees. They’re the best investment we can make, and we never forget that.

-Open door policy

Ideas come first. If you feel inspired with a new idea, our management team wants to hear about it.