New York City, NY
100 - 1,000

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About the company

Healthcare technology and services startup Flatiron Health was launched in 2012. Data and technology are used to speed up therapy development and enhance patient care to improve cancer patients' lives.

Oncologists and researchers use Flatiron Health's software to access and analyse EHR and clinical trial data. The company's cloud-based OncoCloud technology combines data from EHRs, claims and billing systems, and other sources to provide a complete perspective of a patient's cancer experience. Patterns and trends in this data can help create novel therapies and enhance patient outcomes.

Clinical trial matching, patient recruiting, data administration, and regulatory compliance are also offered by Flatiron Health. Flatiron R&D, the company's research and development branch, creates and uses cutting-edge cancer treatments.

Many big pharmaceutical firms, academic institutions, and cancer centres use Flatiron Health's healthcare technology to research novel cancer medicines and enhance cancer patient care.


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