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Grammarly is a writing helper driven by artificial intelligence that seeks to enhance grammar, punctuation, and general writing clarity. It is a cloud-based application that may be used as a browser extension, a mobile app, or integrated into Microsoft Word and other programmes. Using sophisticated grammar checking and natural language processing, the programme identifies and suggests repairs for numerous sorts of problems, such as misspelt words, missing punctuation, and run-on sentences.

Grammarly also makes ideas for style and tone, such as making your writing more succinct, professional, or casual based on your intended audience. In addition, it provides a plagiarism chequer that compares the text to a database of online pages and academic publications to find instances of possible plagiarism.

The user may choose their writing objectives and preferences, such as academic, business, or creative writing, and the programme will alter its recommendations appropriately. It also gives explanations for the suggested adjustments, allowing users to accept or reject each one. Grammarly is a great tool for students, professionals, and writers, helping them to enhance their writing abilities and more effectively communicate their thoughts.


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