Company Description
Jasper: On-Brand AI For Business creates content everywhere you do online, in your brand voice, always. Jasper is your creative AI assistant who can learn and write in your unique brand tone. Whether you speak boldly, cheekily, formally, or only in internet speak (? u do u). Plus, the Jasper Everywhere browser extension keeps Jasper by your side, from your CMS to email to social media to your own company platform with Jasper API. Most importantly, Jasper keeps your data safe and private with built-in security features that stay up-to-date as security protocols evolve. Over 100K customers are creating unique, ownable content with Jasper. Founded in 2021, Jasper has been recognized as "one of America's fastest-growing private companies" by Inc. 5000. We hosted Gen AI: the first-ever generative AI-focused conference. How will Jasper unlock your team’s best ideas? Let’s find out. Start your free trial today. Looking to connect with our team? Shoot us a DM ?