Abstraction Specialist

Job Description

Posted on: 
September 1, 2023

In this role, you will be a part of an abstraction specialist team assigned to disease or project specific modules. You will be responsible for responding to Review Panel questions, resolving Patient Level Quality Assurance (PLQA) flags and resolving disagreements in abstraction tasks in assigned modules.


  • Abstract complex clinical insights from electronic medical records using our proprietary software system to enter the data into our database according to business needs
  • Help with feasibility and initial testing of novel data points or new abstraction approaches
  • Assist with testing of new Patient Manger tools or features and provide feedback to our team about the software you are using
  • Obtain and maintain credentials to support abstraction related activities, as determined by management
  • Contribute to the evolution of team processes
  • Participate in regular team teleconferences and other meetings as required
  • Assist other Abstraction Specialist teams as required to meet business needs
  • Work a minimum of 32 hours/week and submit timesheets regularly
  • Travel to New York City for in-person meetings once per year

Job Requirements

You're a current Flatiron Health employee with at least 12 months of experience working as an abstractor. You're excited by the prospect of rolling up your sleeves to tackle meaningful problems each and every day. You’re a kind, passionate and collaborative problem-solver who seeks and gives candid feedback, and values the chance to make an important impact.

  • You have a track record of strong abstractor skills with Flatiron Health as demonstrated by consistent abstraction quality and efficiency.
  • You are a certified tumor registrar, registered nurse, physician assistant, or equivalent, with significant hands-on experience working in oncology (5+ years).
  • You are familiar with all aspects of how cancer is treated, from diagnosis to recovery, and fluent in cancer terminology.
  • You have a high comfort level with technology and familiarity with EMR systems.
  • You have a demonstrated exceptional attention to detail.
  • You have experience with data entry, including strong typing skills, preferred.
  • You have an active nurse/PA license or CTR certification, as applicable.

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