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Account Director, Platform

Job Description

Posted on: 
December 4, 2023

This role is a mixture of technical understanding, vision, partnership, and value-driven strategy.

You’ll be a key driver of opportunities through the entire sales cycle, from pipeline generation to closure. You’ll work with researchers, engineers, and solution strategists to help customers evolve their industry with AI.


  • Lead our enterprise prospects’ journeys from consideration to purchase
  • Partner with solutions and research engineering to build and execute complex customer programs and projects
  • Own a consumption revenue target
  • Manage subscription and consumption revenue forecasts
  • Closely monitor the industry landscape (people, competitors, partners, etc.) to contribute to product roadmap and other corporate strategies
  • Collaborate with solutions, marketing, communications, business operations, finance, product management, and engineering

Job Requirements

We're seeking someone with experience including:

  • Selling platform-as-a-service at a product-led growth company
  • Achieving revenue targets >$1M per year for more than 3 years
  • Designing and executing complex deal strategies
  • Supporting the growth of fast-growing, high-performance companies
  • Leading high-visibility customer events (CAB, conferences, product launches, etc.)
  • Gathering, distilling, and processing complex market (industry, competitor, customer, prospect) intelligence
  • Reporting on customer success activities

You might thrive in this role if you:

  • Are a strategist. You know when and how to customize practices to fit our organization’s needs best. You think and plan forward on the order of years.
  • Are a people-person. You are energized by interacting with people and build deep cooperative relationships readily. You are inspired by helping people achieve their best work and enjoy coaching and developing others. You are deeply empathetic and understand how to incentivize people toward desired behaviors based on their unique motivations.
  • Are a builder. You not only embrace the opportunity to impact how a company operates directly, but you also revel in it. An organization relies on the quality of its foundation, and your passion is building strong systems and processes from the ground up and executing them with precision to completion.
  • Are excited by new challenges. You don’t have the answers to every question up front, but the process of solving them invigorates you. Bespoke issues requiring multidimensional knowledge excite you. You’re willing to experiment with new solutions.
  • Care deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion. You understand why investing in DEI is a good business decision and why it’s vitally important to develop safe and universally beneficial AGI.
  • Have a passion or deep curiosity in artificial intelligence and future technology.

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