AI/ML - Sr Data Scientist - Statistician, AIML Data

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 22, 2023

As a Data Scientist in this space, you will help bring experimentation to life across the organization!


The AIML Data Organization is seeking a talented Data Scientist to help drive experimentation for the Siri Assistant! You will:

* Be a ‘go to’ for experimental methods: Partner with product data scientists and engineering teams on their experiments. Help them understand the logic and requirements for successful testing. As experiments get more advanced, become an expert who is called in to work on more complex designs.

* Get involved in product development: Design experiments, analyze results, conduct analytics to understand “what happened in that test”.

* Work closely with A/B Experimentation Platform Engineering to ensure the platform is tuned to what teams are trying to do with it.

Job Requirements

  • Expertise in causality (experimentation, econometrics, and general statistical modeling). Know how to leverage these skills to analyzed experiments and deliver meaningful product learnings.
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal). Explain difficult technical topics (especially causal topics) to everyone from data scientists to engineers to business partners.
  • Knowledge of all core elements of experimentation (e.g., sampling, logging needs, power analyses, analytical methods, etc.).
  • Data-querying skills (SQL and/or Spark, etc.).
  • Experience with a scripting language for data processing and development (e.g., Python, R, or Scala).
  • Excited about making positive relationship with Siri product and engineering partners. Deliver insights that positively impact decisions.
  • Curious, adaptable, and results-oriented.
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