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Job Description

Posted on: 
April 6, 2023

As an AI Scientist at Jasper, you will join a product team (a “pod”) and adapt the best of global AI breakthroughs into our UI or API products, using you LLM modeling and experimentation skills. You can speak to deep research as well as customer aspirations.

Our target market is composed of content creators and marketing leaders at growing companies. We help companies leverage artificial intelligence to accelerate content production and unlock their best ideas. We see AI as a partner to content marketers that can help them break through writer’s block, create fine-tuned imagery, and repackage content for different formats, languages and tones.


  • Train, fine-tune, retrieve, adapt, feature engineer with your modeling skills to get the best of NLG AI into our product and to our customers.
  • Integrate new R&D into our production AI engine in interoperable, scaling pieces.
  • Lead as a player-coach, spending time building, coding, testing, but also coaching junior data scientists, research partners, and product managers. You can nerd out with hardcore PhD-holding researchers and then talk design feedback with a product manager or customer.
  • Test hypotheses about how to improve user experience with the models that power our product. Findings may also be used to advise our research partners or product managers on new directions.

Job Requirements

  • Experience getting AI/ML to value, including NLG and feature engineering. Experience with text, image, and other R&D communities is a plus. (2 years per level)
  • A willingness to be technique, method, and tool agnostic and systematically turn any knob that might improve customer outcomes
  • Commitment to rigorous A/B testing and causal inference, as well as an interest in user experience and behavior, and trust and safety
  • Strong knowledge of frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras.
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