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Chief of Staff/Director of Strategy

Job Description

Posted on: 
April 15, 2023

We are looking for a Chief of Staff/Director of Strategy who will be responsible for leading and driving key strategic initiatives and priorities across the entire organization on behalf of the CEO.


  • Work with the CEO closely to define and deliver on organization-wide strategic priorities, goals, and key results.
  • Drive annual and quarterly strategic planning process.
  • Collaborate with the C-suite to integrate cross-functional work of individual departments into overarching strategy and maximize business outcomes.
  • Establish and implement an organizational wide operating model and cadence that ensures each department's ability to deliver on their strategic priorities and facilitates effective communication, cross-functional collaboration, and decision making.
  • Own and lead key meetings and sessions such as weekly C-suite Meetings, Business Reviews, quarterly business reviews, up-dates for the Board of Directors, and perform other duties, as required.

Job Requirements

  • M.B.A. or master's degree in management field, with courses in Entrepreneurship, Negotiations, and Marketing Management
  • At least 1 year in position offered or in executive-level strategy role
  • Provide strategy and lead team involved in marketing, strategy, customer experience and analytics for entity with $1B+ in annual revenue
  • Create customer segmentation for business with $1B+ in annual revenue
  • Build business plans and strategic targets
  • Revise/create digital presence strategy
  • Launch new products to the market
  • Lead sales growth initiatives
  • Launch new business unit; develop M&A integration plan
  • Manage customer experience transformations for global companies
  • Create monetization opportunities valuation approach and financial model/s for company with multi-billion dollar revenues
  • Develop mobile app for B2B business unit
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