Clinical Lab Associate (Contractor)

Job Description

Posted on: 
March 9, 2023

We are seeking a Clinical Laboratory Associate I to help grow the Freenome Clinical Laboratory Analytical team. The ideal candidate is dependable, flexible, with attention to detail and is team oriented. This person is responsible for all things related to sample processing and equipment maintenance.

The role reports to the Clinical Laboratory Supervisor.


  • Performing equipment maintenance according to the laboratory’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) for machines and devices including, but not limited to, the following: centrifuges, freezers, refrigerators, pipettors, fragment analyzers, microplate readers, NovaSeq units, Flexmap units, Blue® Washers, Agilent Bravo units, Hamilton units, and work cells, as needed
  • Creating sample batches, printing labels, and labeling tubes and plates
  • Maintaining sufficient inventory of material, supplies, and equipment in the laboratory for performance of duties
  • Documenting all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the laboratory’s established performance specifications
  • Assisting CLSs with preparation and aliquoting of reagents
  • Assisting CLSs during sample testing
  • Assisting CLSs with quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) functions
  • Participating in projects under the supervision of a CLS or supervisor along with maintaining quality and an efficient workflow in daily duties
  • Participating in cross-departmental projects
  • Setting up the Hamilton and assisting with Hamilton automated procedures
  • Setting up the work cell and assisting with work cell automated procedures
  • Ensuring on-time calibration of laboratory equipment is scheduled and performed
  • Reporting all concerns of test quality and/or safety to the supervisor or safety officer
  • Working closely with the CLSs and Accessioning Team to provide consistent and ongoing support to the entire Service Department
  • Checking, monitoring, and recording temperatures
  • Assist with organizing and maintaining laboratory, equipment, personnel, and training documents
  • Identifying process improvement opportunities and reporting to laboratory management

Job Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in biomedical laboratory science, clinical science, or related field
  • The ability to prioritize tasks with a high emphasis on quality
  • Strong organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail
  • The ability to work as part of a team within a highly collaborative environment
  • Flexibility to variable shift start times depending on operational needs.

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