Data Center Technician (Reno, NV)

Job Description

Posted on: 
April 15, 2023

CrowdStrike looking for Data Center Technician


  • Participate in Server and Network deployments and upgrades within a Production Data Center.
  • Participate in Production infrastructure builds outs.
  • Conduct Server configuration & Layer 2 Network configuration.
  • Participate in Server and Network deployments within a Production Data Center.
  • Troubleshoot equipment, using command line tools, at various stages to identify & remediate issues.
  • Utilize appropriate tools to install, configure, test and troubleshoot infrastructure nodes.
  • Install hardware and integrate into Production infrastructure.
  • Run fiber optic and copper cabling to support growing infrastructure.
  • Remediate hardware issues using manufacturing documentation and engineering specifications.

Job Requirements

  • 4+ years experience supporting Production Data Centers.
  • Industry certifications a plus (e.g. CCNA, CompTIA+, Linux, etc.)
  • Comfortable using a command line interface.
  • Familiar with copper and optical cabling.
  • Understand power cabling and PDUs ("Power Distribution Units")
  • Comfortable using command line interfaces.
  • Familiarity with Linux and other cli operating systems.
  • Familiar with server, storage, internet technologies.
  • Ability to lift up to 75 lb.
  • Ability to express good judgment to take action & move forward.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with both local and remote teams.
  • Ability to communicate technical information (verbally & in writing) to non-technical teams.
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