Data Scientist

Job Description

Posted on: 
July 12, 2023

WorkFusion is looking for Data Scientist


This role encompasses data acquisition, feature engineering, model development and experimentation. An objective, data-driven approach to experimentation, combined with the ability to fit research to business objectives are key to success. Analyze, manipulate, and process large sets of data using statistical software; collect, clean ,and study data; translate business requirements into ML model specifications; design and conduct experiments; design feature extractors, post-processors, and other ML transforms; design models and ML architectures, implement testing, and collect metrics; train, evaluate, and validate ML models using cloud computing platforms; provide database guidance to co-workers and solve data-related questions; troubleshoot customer problems related to Work Fusion’s Auto ML framework; build and extend machine learning frameworks; research applicable machine learning techniques by reading latest academic papers

Job Requirements

Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics or Statisticsƒ At least 6 months of experience as a Data Scientist or as Data Analyst

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