Mechatronics Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
April 15, 2023

We are seeking a Mechatronics Engineer to join Anduril, working in a cutting-edge start-up environment to advance the state-of-the-possible in subsea robotics.


  • Own hardware from concept generation to real world use.
  • Design, prototype, test, and implement complex electro-mechanisms for use on extra-large unmanned underwater vehicles (XLUUVs).
  • Conceptualize vehicle functions and layout for critical components.
  • Investigate and design test fixtures and demonstration platforms to enable parallel and rapid development.
  • Identify specifications for actuation systems, including motor/actuator selection, transmission design, and integration support.
  • Perform conceptual layout and arrangement of complex electro-mechanical systems within the body and constraints of the platform.
  • Support critical hardware demonstrations with customers as needed.
  • Travel to test sites as needed.

Job Requirements

  • Experience in an immersive technical project (collegiate project teams or professional settings).
  • 3+ years of mechanical or mechatronics engineering experience in a professional setting.
  • CAD skills (any platform) and ability to make high quality engineering drawings that meet common industry standards.
  • Demonstrated hands-on fabrication skills.
  • High competence with, and fluid use of, engineering first principles.
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, or Mechatronics.
  • Ability to hold an Australian NV2 Security clearance is required for this position.


  • Experience in SolidWorks/Teamcenter.
  • Experience working with subsea mechanical systems with a thorough understanding of the ocean environment including the effects of exposure to seawater, pressure, and temperature.
  • Ability to integrate electronic components into mechanical designs (motors, controllers, sensors etc.).
  • Experience with machining, sheet metal, injection molding, and 3D printing.

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