Engineering Manager – Campaigns Orchestration

Job Description

Posted on: 
March 9, 2023

As a leader in the engineering team, you will be responsible for recruiting and developing  the engineers, processes, and technology to continue our market leading innovation. The ideal candidate has a strong technical background and a track record of working with teams solving problems with simple solutions. We are looking for people who are just as excited about scaling technical solutions as they are about scaling people and organizations.  We see technology as a means to solving problems and getting things done and thus prioritize talent over existing skill set. Our Engineering Managers are people who view their roles as supporting the team rather than running it. We use Google Cloud Platform services including Kubernetes, BigQuery, PubSub and Cloud SQL. Our stack consists primarily of Python and Golang on the backend and TypeScript (React) on the frontend. Our culture emphasizes making good tradeoffs, team ownership of innovation and operations, and working as a team, and leaving your ego at the door.


  • Develop a team of engineers through 1-1 career coaching, mentoring, and management support
  • Facilitate collaboration with other engineering teams, data scientists, product owners, and stakeholders to solve interesting and challenging problems across our marketing platform
  • Advising on best practices for designing and architecting scalable solutions, including design reviews, code reviews, and onboarding new technologies
  • Grow the technical expertise of your team around quality, scalability, and performance
  • Work closely with the recruitment team to hire and onboard engineers
  • Foster an excellent work environment and a fast-paced engineering culture of continuous improvement

Job Requirements

  • 7+ years of software engineering experience and 5+ years of management experience
  • Fullstack expertise with Python and React.js (Typescript) being the main technical stacks. Golang is a plus.
  • Experience building similar industry solutions preferred: especially data-driven, complex, customizable enterprise​ ​SaaS​ products within the marketing/advertising/e-commerce space
  • Experience in designing, developing, and maintaining modern applications or data pipelines on public clouds (e.g. Google Cloud, AWS)
  • Experience building SOA/micro services oriented applications
  • Experience with high-trafficked system involving heavy usage of messaging, queues, or pub/sub mechanisms (in the order of millions of messages per day)
  • A highly technical and effective people manager with experience directly leading teams
  • Proven track record of agile management with different engineering teams and products
  • Excellent communication skills, used to collaborate both within engineering and across all functions of the company to drive engineering initiatives
  • Excellent mentoring and review skills to help engineers make technical and career progress
  • Track-record of delivering high-quality products and a knack for getting things done

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