Forward Deployed Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
September 2, 2023

As a Forward Deployed Engineer, your principal responsibilities will lie in (1) writing JavaScript integrations that live on client websites, (2) configuring and maintaining the intake and manipulation of client data across multiple channels including websites, SFTP clients, and Google Cloud Functions, (3) utilizing internal infrastructure and tooling to solve complex, often-unique, client-specific problems, and (4) interfacing with clients to help them understand and best utilize our array of products and services. Besides raw intellect and the ability to not take yourself too seriously, it is important to be detail-oriented in your work, as we work closely with a multitude of the industry’s top online retailers, all of which have very stringent requirements around the look and feel of their strategic communications.


  • Write client-side JavaScript to be run on clients' websites and configure custom recommendation logic using domain-specific tooling.
  • Serve as the technical point-of-contact for clients both pre- and post-launch: working with them to integrate their website and databases with Bluecore, as well as helping establish and maintain a strong, long-term technical relationship between their systems and Bluecore.
  • Working closely with clients and with our Customer Success team to think creatively and strategically about ways to extract maximum value from the Bluecore platform, designing and implementing custom technical solutions as needed.
  • Develop the best technical solution possible for the toughest challenges that our customers will throw at you.
  • Ideate, develop, and improve upon internal tooling, procedures, and processes that facilitate the work of the Technical Services team.
  • Monitor the overall health and uptime of our most critical connections to clients
  • Work as a liaison between clients, Customer Success, and the product development team to improve Bluecore’s product offering.

Job Requirements

  • Experience 2- 5 years into Solutions Engineering.
  • Successful completion of a reputable Coding Bootcamp or similar level of programming knowledge.
  • Current or past professional experience in a client-facing role, working and communicating directly with customers.
  • Fluent in JavaScript and familiar with various other web development technologies.
  • Ability to take ambiguous workflows and turn them into structured processes.

Nice to have

  • Expose to (interested in learning) in SQL, Python, or Google Cloud functions.
  • Familiarity with Marketing, Advertising, eCommerce, or other Emerging Technology (Artificial Intelligence, etc.) platforms.
  • Ability to grow into a client-facing technical resource as career progresses in Bluecore.
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