Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Job Description

Posted on: 
November 8, 2023

This role requires a strategic thinker who can create and implement data-driven marketing strategies to engage, retain, and nurture our user base. The candidate should also have a knack for crafting compelling email content that resonates with our audience. The ability to self-start and proactively anticipate the team’s needs is critical. The candidate must be comfortable with autonomy and act with conviction about what needs to be done.


  • Develop nurture campaigns that reduce friction and improve outcomes across our customer and prospect experience — including tailored flows for content leads, demos, opportunities, abandoned cart users, and customers. Work cross functionally to support multiple channels including PPC, in-app, affiliates, content marketing, etc.
  • Understand our core KPIs and the math behind them. Keep a close eye on HubSpot dashboards and assist in ensuring the data is accurately reflected.
  • Segment the Jasper contact base in the CRM (HubSpot) to create more personalized messages that convert better.
  • Craft complex HubSpot workflows that deliver content at the appropriate time in the customer/prospect lifecycle. These are based on user action, company size, etc.
  • Improve deliverability of email marketing campaigns. Run experiments to boost open rates, click through rates, and business KPIs.
  • Develop an expert understanding of Jasper’s product, use cases, and the markets in which we compete — to create compelling and impactful marketing emails that showcase the power and value of the Jasper product. This includes working cross-functionally with marketing, sales, CS, and product to optimize messaging tailored to each contact’s situation.

Job Requirements

  • 4+ years of experience in a marketing role with a SaaS or Product Led Growth software company
  • You are obsessed with understanding a prospective customer’s desires and pains, then crafting personalized, helpful content that ascends them through the buyer journey.
  • You have a deep understanding of building automations and email sequences in HubSpot and obsess over deliverability
  • Enjoy looking under the hood to understand how things work and turning one time initiatives into repeatable programs through automation.
  • Have experience working on multiple projects at a time, whether through freelance work, agency clients, or within a brand.
  • Have deep empathy for all customer segments and are able to adapt messaging to the desires of each audience throughout their lifecycle from cold visitors to raving fans.
  • Can connect technical concepts with user value and express it succinctly.
  • Have a collaborative nature and exceptional interpersonal skill.
  • Experience working with both a PLG and an Enterprise motion simultaneously is a plus.

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