Machine Learning Scientist

Job Description

Posted on: 
September 1, 2023

You will play an important role in Immunai’s Algorithms Research team researching, building, and deploying our core Immunai Sample Representation models to help understand and synthesize large amounts of single-cell immunological data, bridging therapies, indications, data modalities, and biological systems (in vitro, in vivo, in sapiens). You will collaborate very closely with computational biologists and immunologists to ensure the resulting product is successful and used throughout Immunai’s internal and external projects.


  • Research, develop, and deploy both state-of-the-art and classic machine learning models based on single-cell data from immunological datasets
  • Develop and own scalable production pipelines driven by the core models.
  • Stay updated on latest advancements in single-cell omics and machine learning research.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders across software engineering, computational biology, and immunology to solve shared R&D objectives.

Job Requirements

  • Ph.D. in computer science, bioengineering, computational biology, or related discipline
  • Demonstrated experience using custom deep learning models to solve biological problems
  • Demonstrated experience working with large amounts of biological data, preferably with single-cell omics data
  • Strong publication track record with at least one high-quality first-authored publication applying ML to biological problems
  • Strong technical abilities in Python and ML libraries (sklearn, PyTorch), preferably some experience in R
  • Evidence of engagement with open source projects and community
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
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