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Principal Scientist, In Vitro

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 22, 2023

We are seeking a Principal Scientist to work on human iPSC derived neural cell types, molecular and functional characterizations, and developing relevant disease models. As a Principal Scientist and team member in the Neuroscience group, you will specifically focus on the differentiation and characterization of hPSC models involving various cell types such as neuronal subtypes and glial cells such as astrocytes and microglia. You will enable our HTS team to expedite screening at industry-leading scale to generate petabytes of high-dimensional data from human cells. You will work cross-functionally to develop robust, scalable systems and grow our Map of Biology. You will be part of tactical and strategic decision making, as well as train and mentor associates.


  • Enable Recursion to build Maps of Biology by isolating, expanding, and banking iPSC-derived neuronal cell types for use in screens that incorporate CRISPR editing and gene delivery methods at scale
  • Design in vitro cell culture tools that allow for the loss of function, inducible and stable gain of function in the iPSC-neuronal human cell background and those cells that interact with neuronal cells, iPSC-microglia
  • Bank cells derived from the diseased patient population of interest that have been altered for potency (iPSC) and provide for comparable lot productions of cells differentiated from these intermediates
  • Train and lead team members to perform newly developed methods for scale to enable 100’s of 1536 well microplates screened per week
  • Collaborate with data scientists, computational biologists, chemists, and clinical strategists across the organization to develop Recursion's data-to-therapeutic pipeline to discover new impactful medicines and ultimately serve patients

Job Requirements

  • PhD in Biology, Biotechnology or related field with 8+ years of biotech or pharma industry related work; or MS with 10+ years of relevant biotech or pharma industry work experience
  • Expertise in iPSC technology, and CRISPR genome editing to develop, utilize and characterize hPSC disease models
  • Experience with advanced in vitro-culture techniques using other cell types
  • Experience in gene expression and gene delivery systems in the mammalian cell
  • Experience applying quality control measures of success across intermediate and differentiated cell populations
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment where you’ve leveraged creativity and independent thinking when deriving, expanding, banking and genetically perturbing challenging human cell types
  • Demonstrated capacity to independently manage and coordinate scientific projects
  • Experience leading projects, as well as mentoring and training others
  • Efficient and effective communication of research findings and interpretation in written and verbal form
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a desire to work in a team that trusts and supports each other
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