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April 6, 2023

Hyperscience is hiring a Senior Product Designer who will join a team building new capabilities into the Hyperscience platform. This Designer will apply user-centered design methods, lean product principles, work closely with a team of Engineers and PMs, along with cross-functional partners throughout the company.

Designers in this role will be immersed in a host of emerging technologies that come with complex design challenges. They will collaborate with machine learning engineers, design human-in-the-loop interactions, and work with users and stakeholders at large enterprises that make up the Hyperscience customer base. Candidates will learn these concepts on the job and need not be experts in machine learning or automation to apply.

Hyperscience Designers work end-to-end in the product lifecycle: perform research to discover user pains and needs, prototype and test solutions, and design visual artifacts to communicate those solutions to Engineers. Candidates should have some proficiency in design research as well as UX and UI design in complex web applications.


Partner with Product and Engineering manager to:

  • Establish Product Requirements
  • Surface lean solutions in a complex technical landscape
  • Define minimal valuable product features and initial evolution of the feature
  • Advocate for iterations based on customer feedback and research

Self Initiated:

  • Leading varieties of research in order to understand user and stakeholders' needs.
  • Leverage evidence to inform and shape the user experience, to connect teammates with user needs, and to design solutions that will address user and business needs.
  • Design workflows and other solutions that solve user problems and enable them to accomplish tasks in Hyperscience effectively.
  • Build prototypes, run tests, and iterate with users in order to reduce risk and ship products that solve real problems.
  • Demonstrate curiosity and understanding of the broader context that surrounds Hyperscience users: the organizations they work for, the problems they are trying to solve, and the automation industry at large.
  • Maintain sufficient expertise in the technical underpinnings of Hyperscience to collaborate with a team of PMs and Engineers.

With the Product Team and Technical Writing Team

  • Maintain a vocabulary of effective user interface patterns and practices for enterprise software.
  • Engage the full team in the design process so that design work is aligned to business needs and is technically feasible.

Job Requirements

  • 4+ years experience in Product Design for enterprise-grade applications or services
  • Comfort with ambiguity
  • Proficiency in UI design and prototyping tools, e.g. Figma
  • Familiarity with Design Systems: adherence, contribution, governance
  • Comfort collaborating with Engineers and PMs to understand tradeoffs between effort and value.
  • Strong written and oral communication in standard business English.
  • A portfolio demonstrating Product Design experience
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