Software Engineer (Experience)

Job Description

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March 9, 2023

The Experience team is responsible for creating the suite of tools and services that help create production quality applications using Ray. The product is the user’s primary interface into the world of Anyscale and by building a polished, stable, and well-designed product, we are able to enable a magical developer experience for our users.

Applications engineers help design and implement the features that can simplify or automate many of the processes and components of creating a production-grade application, including development, debugging, deployment, operations, and monitoring. Beyond the user-facing features, applications engineers help build out critical pieces of infrastructure and architecture needed to power our platform at scale.

With a taste for good products, a willingness to work with and understand the user base, and technical talent to build high quality software, the applications engineer can help build a delightful experience for our users from new developers learning to use Ray to businesses powering their products on Anyscale.

A snapshot of projects you can work on:

- Creating UIs for monitoring the activity of your application or its resource usage

- A jobs platform to reliably schedule tasks and view the results of those jobs in the UI

- Building tools to administer and manage the users and clusters within your organization


  • Develop high quality backend business logic or delightful UIs that empower software developers and simplify programming
  • Work with a team of leading distributed systems and machine learning experts
  • Communicate your work to a broader audience through talks, tutorials, and blog posts
  • Help us to build and shape a world class company

Job Requirements

  • At least 2 years of full stack, backend, or frontend
  • Familiarity with technologies such as Python, React, Typescript, FastAPI, or SQLAlchemy
  • Motivated people who are excited to build tools to power the next generation of cloud applications!
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