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Software Engineer, Sensor Fusion & State Estimation

Job Description

Posted on: 
April 16, 2023

We are looking for a sensor fusion and state estimation engineer --- a problem solver with solid expertise in sensor fusion, state estimation, target tracking, and uncertainty modelling.  Your skills will be put to work across the stack including perception, scene understanding, pose estimation, and navigation.


  • Develop and integrate onboard sensor fusion algorithms.
  • Use principled approaches for fusing information from multiple modalities: camera, radar, lidar, thermal, and IMU.
  • Develop fusion engines including early and late fusion.
  • Improve multi-target tracking performance including track initiation, measurement to track association, and track state maintenance.
  • Develop tooling, metrics, and visualization to verify sensor fusion performance.
  • Troubleshoot, problem solve, innovate, create, and collaborate.

Job Requirements

  • Strong technical background. BS, MS or PhD with academic or industry experience in building state estimation and sensor fusion architectures.
  • Domain Expertise.  Topics of interest include sensor fusion, Kalman filtering, particle filtering, bayesian estimation, data association, multi-target tracking, neural nets, behavioral prediction, localization and mapping.
  • Skilled in C++ and strong problem-solving skills.
  • Strong software engineering skills and experience building high-reliability deployed applications . You write well-designed, highly maintainable code. Code is your craft.
  • Solid understanding of metrics, data analysis, and scientific evaluation.
  • A team player. You take ownership and work with the team to deliver exceptional results. You are interested in the performance of the entire system across engineering disciplines.
  • Ability to build and iterate quickly. You enjoy working fast and smart, and you are comfortable in defining and building lasting infrastructure components from scratch.
  • Hands on.  Curious.  Flexible.  Interested in new domains to expand your horizons and provide a complete system wide solution.
  • Great communicator. You have experience writing clear, concise design documentation to gather feedback from across the team to find the best solution.
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