Software Engineer, Windows

Job Description

Posted on: 
April 6, 2023

We’re looking for engineers with a background in .NET and Windows application development to join our Grammarly for Windows team. This team is responsible for the end-to-end development of a product offering that helps deliver Grammarly’s sophisticated AI system to Windows users. These engineers will collaborate with product and design professionals, as well as other engineers who get excited by creativity and exploration. The challenge for this role is to pioneer innovative and maintainable solutions—to enhance the performance and stability of the product offering to support the fast-growing number of users.


  • Contribute to creating the foundation of a robust and well-thought-out architecture.
  • Innovate to break through technical limitations and deliver delightful features.
  • Build nontrivial UX solutions with complex UI elements.
  • Achieve minimum latency while working with complex documents.
  • Ensure the product is performant by applying your knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • Ship production code using C# and .NET to one of our most strategic flagship product offerings.

Job Requirements

  • Embodies our EAGER values—is ethical, adaptable, gritty, empathetic, and remarkable.
  • Is able to collaborate in person 2 weeks per quarter, traveling if necessary to the hub where the team is based.
  • Has strong software engineering fundamentals, including knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • Has strong knowledge of the C# programming language and .NET framework.
  • Has strong knowledge of OOD and OOP.
  • Has strong knowledge and practical experience with multithreading (TPL, asynchronous computations).
  • Is excited about finding an optimal solution in situations of uncertainty.
  • Enjoys fast-paced delivery and a consistent feedback loop.
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