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Subcontracts Manager

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 27, 2023

This role has the opportunity to manage direct reports while also building out a growing team, to support the tremendous growth in our company.


  • Report to and support the Director of Supply Chain Operations, while occasionally serving as the Delegate of Authority (DOA)  
  • Efficiently use data to drive decision making and reporting 
  • Support and occasionally lead efforts within ERP improvements
  • Improve supply chain performance as it relates to on time delivery, supplier diversification and reducing costs 
  • Effectively track requirements and succinctly report issues, risks and opportunities  
  • Support ERP use and improvements
  • Preparation for USG requirements

What You'll Be Responsible For:

  • Day to day management of our Buyers/Subcontract Administrators
  • Engagement of our team
  • Development of our team (employee development plans, bench/pipeline development etc.)
  • Performance of the procurement/subcontracts team
  • Execution to On Time Delivery, Margin and Efficiency goals
  • Completing Supplier scorecards  
  • Developing strategies to overcome challenges (requirements delay or growth, additional responsibilities etc.)
  • Effective prioritization of requirements  
  • Support to root cause analysis for challenges
  • Recommendations on how to improve processes, procedures or general execution
  • Harmonization of requirements
  • Management of, and when required, implementation of procedures  
  • Compliance to processes, requirements, and policies  

Job Requirements

  • Minimum of 3 years of direct management experience
  • Awareness of FAR and DFAR requirements
  • Experience with ERP systems
  • Knowledge of MRP

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in Aerospace and Defense roles
  • Experience with Deltek CostPoint
  • Experience developing employees  
  • Experience supporting manufacturing environments or  
  • Experience in a startup  
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