US FedRAMP Program Manager

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 18, 2023

In this role, you'll work on a highly cross-functional team, engage with our customers' environments, and offer up subject matter expertise in leading, designing, building, and documenting FedRAMP security controls. As part of this journey, there will be unforeseen technical constraints and challenges that you'll need to solve in a timely manner while successfully partnering with others across Moveworks and our customer base.

In other words, you'll need to be prepared to re-prioritize projects, understand what matters, and work with other teams to come up with mitigations and workarounds (i.e., be creative and willing to roll up your sleeves to problem solve). In this highly visible position, you'll drive the schedule, metrics, and delivery, working with senior executives committed to making this program a success. As such, you'll gain insights on how to lead an AI company through the FedRAMP process. This is an opportunity to play an integral role at the fastest-growing AI startup in its space.


  • Be responsible for the end-to-end execution of FedRAMP, as well as the associated deliverables
  • Develop and maintain technical documentation in accordance with FedRAMP and NIST
  • Validate engineering plans to ensure FedRAMP requirements are met
  • Collaborate across our organization to drive the FedRAMP program forward, from defining requirements to delivery, while ensuring alignment with all stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain a FedRAMP Continuous Monitoring program.
  • Report progress to senior management
  • Willingly dive into technical areas to ensure FedRAMP requirements are met
  • Cultivate working relationships with industry regulators, accreditation bodies, and authorized auditing firms
  • Support vendor due-diligence processes
  • Lead and define overall risk management efforts in compliance with FedRAMP
  • Work with new agencies on getting their authorization

Job Requirements

  • US Citizenship
  • Over 6 years experience working on different compliance frameworks (ISO, NIST, FedRAMP, etc.)
  • A minimum of 4 years in supporting FedRAMP Cloud Service Providers
  • 3PAO experience is highly desirable
  • Experience managing a FedRAMP program and interfacing with authorizing agencies
  • Excellent decision-making, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A strong track record of cross-functional collaboration
  • A Customer service mindset
  • Experience with risk assessment
  • Prior exposure to and technical experience with understanding application and infrastructure vulnerabilities; especially in the cloud environment
  • Experience designing, supporting, advising, and assessing the implementation of security controls for a FedRAMP authorized system or other system based on NIST 800-53, 800-37, 800-34, etc.
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