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Fleet Technician

Job Description

Posted on: 
April 15, 2023

We are looking for a Fleet Technician to join us in building and maintaining our experimental and operations vehicles.


  • Be responsible for modifications and maintenance to autonomous vehicle platforms.
  • Inspect and certify operational state of vehicles.
  • Build and install cutting edge autonomy hardware such as sensors, actuators, and computational equipment.
  • Work closely with design and validation engineers to aid in the development of hardware systems.
  • Create and maintain both vehicle build and maintenance documentation to shape fleet growth to scale.
  • Maintain vehicles to meet DOT standards and operate safely and reliably during AV use.

Job Requirements

  • Strong hands-on background. Substantial and diverse experience in the automotive, aerospace or related industry. Familiarity with maintenance of safety-critical hardware systems. Certifications in automotive, industrial, or aerospace service preferred (ASE, A&P, etc).
  • Strong electrical diagnostics experience. You know how to chase down any electrical gremlins and correct them.
  • Extensive knowledge of electrical systems, wiring, and all necessary equipmentAble to read schematics, electrical diagrams, harness diagrams, etc.
  • Reliability and consistency. You have a track record of meticulous work. You are comfortable developing and practicing methodical service through the use of checklists, protocols, and work documentation.
  • Clear communication. You are comfortable providing feedback to engineers, and sharing insights with the team at large to improve products and processes. You know how to collaborate, and when to get secondary inspection and review for safety-critical decisions.
  • Innovative mindset. You like to find ways to improve the system you are working on. You can solve problems and complete tasks even when the path to the solution is not clear at the outset.
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