Kodiak Robotics
Kodiak Robotics

Kodiak Robotics

Mountain View, CA
100 - 1,000

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About the company

Mountain View, California-based Kodiak Robotics is a self-driving trucking startup. Long-haul trucking safety and efficiency are the company's goals in creating autonomous technology.

Kodiak trucks use sensors, cameras, and other technologies to drive autonomously on roads. Obstacles, other cars, and road conditions are detected and responded to by the company's software.

In addition to its self-driving technology, Kodiak has remote drivers who can watch and control the trucks. Fully autonomous trucks are the company's aim.

Kodiak has raised substantial investor funding and partnered with several big trucking companies. In several states, the firm has regulatory approval to run its autonomous trucks on public roads.

Overall, Kodiak Robotics develops automated long-haul trucking technology. The company's aim is to enhance industry safety and efficiency and transition to fully autonomous trucks.

Kodiak Robotics

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Remote-friendly work environment


Generous PTO policy

Life insurance, short and long-term disability insurance

Assortment of medical (PPO/HMO/HDHP), dental, vision, and FSA plans

Family-friendly company events

Dog-friendly office

Additional wellness perks: OneMedical, GymPass and HeadSpace memberships

Beautiful, renovated facilities in Mountain View, CA and Lancaster, TX

Free EV charging

Trivia and board game nights