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March 15, 2023

We're looking to grow our Application Engineering team with the addition of a Full Stack/ Front End Software Engineer. You'll be implementing a modern enterprise web application, with a focus on quality and great user experience. Your contributions will drive the direction and success of our frontend codebase and the way our users interact with our software to solve a complex problem.


  • Within your first 90 days, you will dive deep into the technology of Hyperscience and gain a product understanding of what we’re building and why it's important for our customers. You will build various user-facing features that enable our users to automate and complete a complex number of workflows. You'll become deeply familiar with the UI of our system along with the UX and "plumbing" of our data flows. You'll do this in a collaborative team of engineers, product managers, and designers to achieve this goal.
  • Within your first 6 months, you will have successfully managed a large-scale, end-to-end feature that interfaces with multiple teams and technologies. You will do this in an environment that prides itself on communication and process, with the acknowledgment that requirements are sometimes vague and subject to change. Along the way, you’ll proactively point out and fix bugs, infrastructure issues, and tech debt. Customers will delight in using your feature since it unlocks a critical need and majorly enhances the user's experience. You'll be comfortable working with our shared components and will become a code owner of a portion of these.
  • After your first 2 quarters and beyond, you will have had an active voice in directing the technological and product future of our company. This includes suggesting best practices and making the case for new technologies for our bleeding-edge stack, working closely with product and design teams on creating new features, and developing them for whole-team use. You will own large pieces of the shared codebase and improve them as needs dictate (product, stability, functionality) while also proactively highlighting and fixing bugs/tech debt. You will be proud of the code and the product!

Job Requirements

  • Experience with a modern JavaScript framework is required; we use React and build it all with Webpack
  • Proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, and a good understanding of browser ecosystem, event loop, etc.
  • Excellent command of CSS; we like PostCSSPassion for quality and attention to consistency. You write tests for your code.
  • Desire to work closely with product managers and designers in building highly interactive and intuitive web apps
  • Deep understanding of "building blocks" of the web: HTTP/S, APIs, REST, JSON, etc.
  • Ability to discuss and defend an engineering approach, but also to fully commit and participate in an alternate approach as part of the team.
  • This role requires US security clearance. In order to be considered, candidate needs to be eligible to acquire US security clearance

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