Machine Learning Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 20, 2023

We are looking for a Machine Learning engineer who can join us in expanding our NLU capabilities to understand every kind of enterprise issue. You will be tuning our existing NLU models as well as building new models to adapt to different domains beyond enterprise IT, taking advantage of the latest and greatest transfer learning technologies. This work is highly impactful on our team’s core value that is to build a natural language platform to help employees with all their enterprise problems, with deep collaboration to many of the functionalities within Moveworks.


  • Apply machine learning, NLP, and deep learning methods to unstructured data sets and complex systems
  • Use your knowledge of machine learning fundamentals to develop and execute new algorithms, evaluate with small scale experiments and later productionize solutions at scale
  • Investigate and solve exciting and difficult challenges in various NLU tasks, classification, data science, content analysis, knowledge graph
  • Research and develop innovative, scalable and dynamic solutions to hard problems
  • Use the latest advances in machine learning, data science, neural network, and deep learning to enhance our products and create delightful user experiences
  • Spend time weekly reading, discussing, and potentially building models off of the latest ML research

Job Requirements

  • You have experience training and serving machine learning modeling.
  • Experience to productionize ML models in a scalable system is a plus
  • You have strong familiarity with frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, LightGBM
  • You are familiar with deep learning architectures and algorithms
  • You have experience with NLP frameworks like SpaCY, Gensim, or NLTK
  • You feel at home developing on Linux with languages like Python, c++, or GoLang
  • Desire to work at a startup pace in a small company with a high degree of ownership
  • Strong motivation, gumption, and an appetite for continuous, incremental changes and completing challenging projects fast
  • High level of curiosity about engineering outside of your immediate discipline and an incessant desire to learn
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