Security Engineer, Enterprise Security

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 20, 2023

We’re looking for a Security Engineer, Enterprise Security to join the Grammarly Security team. This person will be responsible for protecting Grammarly's infrastructure, including the corporate environment within which our employees work and the cloud infrastructure within which all our product offerings and services run. The Security Engineer will build preventive solutions that raise the security bar for our infrastructure, innovate in monitoring and detections, and lead incident investigations.

Grammarly’s security engineers have the freedom to develop practical solutions that, in turn, influence our security culture. The engineering landscape at Grammarly is complex, as we create innovative product offerings, expand to new platforms, and scale underlying cloud systems—all while strengthening and expanding our global team.


  • Identify and mitigate security issues, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities related to Grammarly’s cloud infrastructure.
  • Build and extend scanning and monitoring to ensure we quickly detect misconfigurations and anomalous behavior in our cloud infrastructure.
  • Research and deploy corporate security solutions to create a secure environment for our employees to be productive in their daily tasks, including endpoints, email, browsing, file sharing, network security, and any 3P software and SaaS integrations.
  • Augment our infrastructure with audit trails and build detections to ensure that we can effectively and decisively identify and investigate known and emerging threats.
  • Participate in security incident response, lead incidents, and perform post-incident reviews with engineering teams.
  • Develop, evangelize, and monitor the adoption of best cloud security practices
  • Represent Grammarly’s security engineering within and outside of the company.

Job Requirements

  • Embodies our EAGER values—is ethical, adaptable, gritty, empathetic, and remarkable.
  • Is able to collaborate in person 2 weeks per quarter, traveling if necessary to the hub where the team is based.
  • Is a security practitioner with a proven record of security-focused technical contributions in cloud infrastructure security, corporate security, detections, and incident response.
  • Can build strong relationships with peers across the company to evangelize a strong security culture.
  • Nurtures the talent in the team and raises the technical talent bar when recruiting for their team.
  • Identifies impactful and practical solutions for security, from low-hanging fruit to long-term investments.
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