Software Engineer (Security)

Job Description

Posted on: 
December 4, 2023

As a Product Security Engineer on our team, you’ll be in charge of architecting and building secure products that will be used to run mission-critical applications as well as in charge of establishing and implementing security best practices and policies throughout the company.

Our goal is to enable many more developers to take advantage of distributed computing and machine learning to tackle harder problems without needing to think about systems and infrastructure and instead to just focus on the problems that they are solving. You’ll play an integral role in making this happen.


  • Help us build and ship our first product
  • Take charge of application security, including everything from architecting and building secure products to designing our incident response policy to securely configuring our cloud providers
  • Take charge of corporate security, including everything from creating offboarding policies to making sure our software tools are locked down to ensuring our devices have reasonable endpoint protection
  • Work with the rest of the engineering team to make sure we have the necessary context to avoid introducing security bugs

Job Requirements

  • Experience with enterprise application security and have built secure products for enterprise
  • Experience with corporate security
  • Extensive experience with cloud providers
  • Software development experience (ability to build and assess things)
  • Strong communication skills and can effectively share your work with a broader audience through writing and speaking
  • You have engaged and led certification processes (e.g., HIPAA, SOC, SOC2 FedRAMP)

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