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Software Engineer, Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Job Description

Posted on: 
March 15, 2023

We are looking for a highly skilled Software Engineer with a focus on deep learning for computer vision applications to join us and solve real-world robotics problems.


  • Be responsible for designing machine learning algorithms and implementing them in robust, efficient, and well-tested C++ and/or Python code.
  • Lead the development of deep neural networks to solve real-world robotics challenges such as lane detection, object detection and classification, sensor fusion, tracking, prediction, anomaly detection, and planning.
  • Work with camera, laser, radar, and ultrasound data and curate datasets for machine learning.
  • Set up automated training pipelines and develop data analytics tools to incrementally improve our performance on a growing dataset.
  • Collaborate closely with other experts on the team, including the planning and systems engineering team.

Job Requirements

  • Strong technical background. BS, MS or PhD with academic or industry experience in designing and implementing deep neural networks. You are a skilled software engineer with experience in C++ and strong problem-solving skills. You are passionate about solving real-world robotics problems, and you have ideally worked on autonomous robots before. You ideally also have a strong knowledge of data processing pipelines for training ML models in the cloud.
  • A team player. You take ownership and work with the team to deliver exceptional results. You are interested in the performance of the entire system across engineering disciplines.
  • Ability to build and iterate quickly. You enjoy working fast and smart, and you are comfortable in the earlier stages of developing an algorithm from scratch.
  • Hands on. You are not only passionate about ML research but also experienced working with production machine learning pipelines, from dataset collection and labeling to training and validation.
  • Great communicator. You have experience writing clear, concise, and detailed documentation. You can enable your colleagues to leverage the ML models resulting from your work in their algorithms and systems.

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