Kodiak Robotics

Software Engineer, Motion Planning & Prediction

Job Description

Posted on: 
September 1, 2023

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our Planning team and take a key role in improving the Kodiak Driver’s ability to safely and gracefully handle challenging road conditions.


  • Design and implement new approaches to help our trucks plan through challenging situations.
  • Translate desired driving behaviors into algorithms, code, and cost functions that make the Kodiak Driver a safe, smooth, and polite road participant
  • Predict the behavior of other actors in a way that's both accurate and improves driving performance
  • Improve the end-to-end latency of the motion planning and prediction algorithms
  • Build tools that enable us to leverage real-world logs to improve our algorithms
  • Work closely with other teams to establish interfaces and requirements
  • Invent cross-functional solutions to cutting-edge problems in autonomous-driving

Job Requirements

  • A strong background in robotics, planning, optimization, and mathematics (MS, PhD, or equivalent experience)
  • Software development experience writing production-level C++
  • High standards for software quality and rigor, and a testing-oriented mentality
  • Good communication skills and a collaborative bent
  • Proven ability to iterate quickly and work hands-on

Bonus points if you have:

  • Written software that has run on real robots
  • Knowledge of modern C++ (c++14 and newer) and version control systems (e.g., git)
  • An understanding of both classic and state-of-the-art approaches to motion planning, trajectory optimization, optimal control, system modeling, etc.
  • A desire to collaborate with other teams outside of planning
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