Software Engineer (Release & Engineering Efficiency)

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 15, 2024

Anyscale is looking to hire strong engineers to build the developer productivity team.

Developer productivity engineering at Anyscale is a unique and challenging role. The core mission is to accelerate the productivity of the engineering organization through innovative technical solutions and strategic technology choices. This role covers the spectrum of open source Ray and the proprietary Anyscale platform as well.

Due to the nature of our work being right in the intersection between distributed systems and machine learning, the development and testing of the project naturally brings forth many challenging systems and deployment issues.


  • Design and implement developer velocity improvement projects across all engineering teams
  • Define and deliver developer-focused solutions CI/CD tools, build system, automated releases systems that enable scalable development
  • Design, build and maintain core testing infrastructure to ensure that Ray remains an industry-leading scalable and distributed programming runtime and that our proprietary platform remains highly stable and scalable
  • Work with infrastructure teams to influence, develop, and evaluate Anyscale cluster management features
  • Work with the open source Ray team to design and implement distributed testing frameworks and applications to help ensure correctness of the program across operating systems, architecture, and underlying environments

Job Requirements

  • At least 2 year of software engineering experience in CI/CD, build systems (Bazel), large-scale systems engineering or distributed systems in a cloud environment
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tooling (Terraform, Cloudformation, Pulumi, etc)
  • Experience with AWS cloud infrastructure (EC2, S3, IAM, Docker, etc)
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience working on programming languages, security, or cloud developer productivity tools is a plus

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