AIML - Software Engineer, Biosignal Intelligence Group

Job Description

Posted on: 
July 24, 2023

AIML team is seeking highly qualified applicants for the position of ML Software Engineer.


As a member of the team, you will work on some of the most challenging technical problems, develop new apps and ML SW frameworks that will impact future Apple products, and collaborate with the best product teams to integrate your ideas into products. In addition, you will engage with the academic community by publishing your innovative research, and speaking at conferences and events

Job Requirements

  • Fluency in high-level programming languages (Python, C, JavaScript)
  • Experience with OS X and iOS development tools (Xcode, Swift)
  • Familiarity with GPU programming and knowledge of Objective-C
  • Experience with CoreML and on-device ML model inference
  • Knowledge of common ML frameworks (scikit-learn, pandas and deep learning toolboxes such as TensorFlow, PyTorch) is a plus.
  • Expected to perform well in a fast-paced environment, to execute on the tasks assigned, to meet the production deadlines and, at the same time, to explore independently new innovative ideas that can improve and transform the product experience of Apple customers.
  • Be able to deliver ML technologies aligned with the core values of Apple, ensuring the highest standards of quality, scientific rigor, innovation, and respect for user privacy
  • Great presentation and writing skills
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