Associate Scientist II/Scientist, In-Vivo Pharmacology

Job Description

Posted on: 
October 6, 2023

As an In-Vivo Pharmacology Scientist at Immunai, you will design and execute in vivo experiments and coordinate in vivo studies to evaluate drug targets and drug candidates.


  • In vivo experimental design and execution, including tumor implantation (intravenous, subcutaneous and intraperitoneal), compound administration, tissue harvesting and downstream analysis of immune cells by flow cytometry and gene expression
  • Coordinate in vivo studies to evaluate drug targets and drug candidates, focused primarily on biologics, in mouse models of immuno-oncology and inflammation.
  • Be the primary point of contact for planning and initiating experiments, collecting and analyzing samples and data for in vivo studies conducted in our internal vivarium.
  • As part of the disease biology team, coordinate evaluation of candidate therapeutics in in vivo studies
  • Contribute to the design and execution of experiments in appropriate disease models and PK/PD models for drug candidate evaluation
  • Coordinate with protein engineering team to evaluate PK/PD of candidate therapeutics and optimize drug candidate selection
  • Generate and maintain custom genetically engineered cancer cell lines for use in CDX mouse model development
  • Perform ex vivo immunological assays like flow cytometry and ELISA according to the in vivo study protocols
  • Develop robust data packages, co-author accompanying reports to support regulatory filings

Job Requirements

  • M.S. in Immunology or related field, with 4+ years of post-graduate experience or B.S. with 6+ years of experience, preferably including industry, or PhD graduate with 1-3 years relevant postdoctoral experience
  • Experience with mouse models of oncology and inflammation
  • Experience with in vivo experimental design and execution, including tissue harvesting and downstream analysis of immune cells by flow cytometry and gene expression
  • Adept in ambiguous situations, flexible and comfortable making decisions using minimal available data
  • A proven ability to work cross-functionally and adapt to changing priorities while managing multiple commitments with accuracy and efficiency to meet deadlines
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, ability to prioritize and meet deadlines in a fast-paced and multi-cultural environment
  • Experience with CDX, PDX and autochthonous cancer models for developing immuno-oncology therapeutics will be preferred

Desired personal traits:

  • You want to make an impact on humankind
  • You prioritize “We” over “I”
  • You enjoy getting things done and striving for excellence
  • You collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • You constantly challenge your own assumptions, pushing for continuous improvement
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You make decisions that favor the company, not yourself or your team
  • You are candid, authentic, and transparent
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