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Benefits & Compliance Manager

Job Description

Posted on: 
April 6, 2023

We are seeking an experienced, thoughtful, and caring Benefits & Compliance Manager to build world-class, human-centric programs. In this role, you will create a supportive and inclusive environment that caters to the diverse needs of our talented team whilst balancing the requirements of our legal obligations.


As the architect of these programs, you will design comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and engaging benefits initiatives, prioritizing our employees' well-being to drive meaningful outcomes that foster a resilient organizational culture. You will offer empathetic support to employees, nurture productive relationships with our vendors and brokers, and diligently audit and utilize data to enhance our employees' lives. Collaborating with our Legal team, you will create and manage compliance programs that inspire trust and foster a sense of belonging.

As our Benefits & Compliance Manager, you will not only be an expert in your field but also serve as a source of support and a trusted resource for our employees, actively contributing to a rewarding professional journey. If you are passionate about nurturing diverse talent and fostering a fair, inclusive work environment, your expertise will play a vital role in achieving our mission.

Job Requirements

  • Enjoy solving challenging problems. When there isn’t a clear solution, you take the time to understand the root complexities of a problem and work to find a holistic solution.
  • Create innovative solutions. You understand the value of innovation and use it to great effect, where needed and when appropriate.
  • Care about the human. Everything we do is in service to making OpenAI a great place to work for our colleagues. When we need to make decisions, we start with the human impact and prioritize making that impact and experience as wonderful as possible.
  • Care about details. The key to success in this role is a love of details. From spreadsheet accuracy to careful craftsmanship in policy, the small parts – even the parts no one else sees – matter.
  • Want to make something really great. The bar is high, but so too, is the opportunity.
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