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Data Engineer, Data Platforms

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 7, 2023

Reporting to the Data Platforms Engineering Manager, the Data Engineer will develop solutions and infrastructure such as Data Lake and Orchestration tools, that will be used to ingest, model, transform and visualize this data. Success in this role means the right data is at the fingertips of the right people so they can make the right decisions and discover medicines that will change lives.


  • Build, scale, and operate a data platform. You will be a member of the platforms team responsible for building, operating, and tuning a data platform that allows users to discover and query across the breadth of our data at Recursion, which includes a chemistry library of billions compounds, PBs of cellular microscopy images taken in millions of different experimental contexts involving to support Recursion’s drug discovery.
  • Build relatability into a heterogeneous dataset. At Recursion, we generate datasets based on a wide swath of diverse biological models and treatment approaches. You'll work with Data Scientists to build relatability and query-ability into these datasets so they can be used in the future to answer the sorts of questions we haven't even thought of asking yet.
  • Act as a mentor, coach, and sponsor. You will share your technical knowledge and experiences, delivering impact, learning, and growth across teams at Recursion.

Job Requirements

  • Experience working on data platforms that enable the discovery, query, and processing of large datasets.
  • Be up to date on industry trends and tools. You understand the tradeoffs between different data platform architectures and technologies like a data lake, a data warehouse and can draw on this knowledge to develop data platforms solutions for Recursion.
  • Excitement to learn parts of our tech stack that you might not already know. Our current tech stack includes: Python, dbt, Airflow, Big Query, PostgreSQL, GCP Buckets, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code. Our cloud services are provided by Google Cloud Platform.
  • Experience working collaboratively on projects with significant ambiguity and technical complexity, ideally spanning multiple systems and involving diverse technologies.
  • A people-first mindset. Despite the deadlines, we always prioritize supporting our coworkers in their growth and experience.
  • A drive to deliver technical solutions that are easily monitored and understood as they run in production and the effects of change can be readily quantified.
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