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Embedded software development engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
October 23, 2023

PonyAi is seeking Embedded software development engineer.


1. Responsible for the functional design, development, verification, integration, etc. of the unmanned vehicle embedded system;

2. Responsible for the development of unmanned vehicle system sensor drivers, test tools and calibration tools, performance tuning, diagnosis and other functions;

Job Requirements

1. More than 3 years of embedded development experience, bachelor degree or above;

2. Familiar with C/C++, familiar with at least one scripting language (python/shell), and good development habits, document specifications and coding habits;

3. Familiar with Linux Experience in application or device driver development or RTOS driver or application development experience;

4. Familiar with the working principles and communication protocols of common buses such as SPI, I2C, UART, CAN, Ethernet, etc.;

5. Understand lidar, millimeter wave radar, cameras, The working principle of IMU, GNSS or other sensors;

6. Good English reading skills, good listening and speaking skills;

7. Self-driven, willing to delve into technical problems in depth and find the most reasonable solutions;

Bonus points:

1 . Proficient in ARM, DSP or other CPUs;

2. Applicants with experience in Nvidia AGX Xavier/Orin platform development are preferred;

3. Applicants with experience in Jenkin CI, software integration and test development are preferred;

4. Applicants with experience in robot control software development and sensor system development are preferred Applicants with experience or ROS experience are preferred.

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