Formal Verification Engineer

Job Description

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October 6, 2023

As a Formal Verification Engineer at NVIDIA, you will verify the design and implementation of the industry's leading GPUs. In this position, your responsibilities will be to verify the micro-architecture using formal verification tools, define the verification scope, and ensure design correctness. You will employ advanced formal techniques to obtain sufficiently bounded proofs while working with architects, designers, and pre- & post-silicon verification teams to accomplish your tasks. You will efficiently execute the formal verification effort for the entire project cycle, delivering high-quality results on schedule, and clearly conveying those results to the team.


  • Identify key behaviors for verification to write clear testplans for complex designs.
  • Execute testplans using the latest formal techniques, including the development of environment assumptions, assertions and cover properties.
  • Develop abstraction models to overcome complexity challenges and obtain full proofs, or bounded proofs with sufficient coverage.
  • Drive tools to realize their best performance.
  • Debug RTL to identify causes of failure scenarios.
  • Contribute to flow and script development to improve team efficiency.
  • Articulate formal verification coverage of the design to partners.

Job Requirements

  • BS/MS/PhD or equivalent experience in CS/CE/EE/Mathematics.
  • 2+ years of experience.
  • Solid understanding of GPU/CPU architectures and designs.
  • Strong analytical skills to solve complex problems.
  • Knowledge of formal verification methodologies and techniques.
  • Able to implement abstraction techniques for effective verification.
  • Hands-on experience with Verilog / System Verilog HDLs, temporal logic assertions, and able to understand complex RTL quickly.
  • Excellent command of scripting using TCL, Perl, and Python.
  • Experience with a JasperGold and VC-Formal tools.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, able to effectively collaborate and work with members of a distributed team.
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