Generative AI Research Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
September 1, 2023

We are looking for people who want to enable developers in the upcoming Generative AI/LLM revolution. We’re hiring exceptional Software Engineers and Research Engineers (or hybrids of the two) to help us build out Anyscale’s LLM offering, building on our work on high-performance LLM inference

We're looking for passionate, motivated people who are excited to build advanced LLM applications as well as the platform and infrastructure to enable them.

We are particularly looking for Senior or staff and above candidates who can help and execute on a vision for the future of generative AI. We are open to both Individual Contributors and people who are primarily technical but have prior experience managing a small team.


  • Build extensions to existing open source LLMs such as adding support for function templates.
  • Push the boundaries of existing LLM applications (e.g. building cutting edge question answering applications)
  • Develop features to enable production deployment of LLMs (e.g. what does CI for LLMs look like? How do you do evals of LLMs)
  • Work on systematically improving the quality of LLM Application
  • Jointly define your own projects as the ecosystem evolves.
  • Work closely with the first 50 users of the things you build.
  • Help us build a world class company.

Job Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience working as an an applied scientist, research engineer or software engineer focused on LLMs.
  • You enjoy coding for 50% or more of your time.
  • Solid fundamentals in algorithms, data structures, system design
  • Domain expertise in LLMs and generative AI.

Bonus points!

  • Experience working with systems engineering aspects of LLMs (e.g. distributed training, autoscaling inference etc)
  • Experience with approaches to LLM model improvement and fine tuning (such as LoRA and RLHF)
  • Published research in the Gen AI space
  • Experience using Ray

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