Offensive Security Engineer, GPU System Software

Job Description

Posted on: 
September 1, 2023

NVIDIA is searching for a highly motivated, creative engineer with experience in low-level system software and background in security to join the GPU System Software team. You will focus on offensive security efforts in our production GPU kernel driver and embedded software.


  • Be involved in offensive security research on a wide range of products.  
  • Identify vulnerabilities in our production kernel and embedded software, building proof of concepts, and working with development teams to remediate.
  • Perform threat analysis and security reviews of software and hardware designs and assist others to ensure quality and robustness of our products.
  • Evangelize and drive adoption of new or improved tools, practices, and plans to increase product robustness and reliability.

Job Requirements

  • 6+ years of meaningful software engineering experience.  
  • Demonstrate security experience in either a forensic or an offensive security focused role.
  • Excellent C programming and low-level driver experience.
  • BS in Electrical/Computer Engineering or equivalent experience  
  • Experience with software development lifecycle best practices, e.g. threat modeling, unit testing, incident response, code audit, etc.
  • Experience with secure code quality practices and tooling to support quick engagements and rapid analysis - static analysis tools (Coverity, Checkmarx, or similar), dynamic scanning (Rapid 7, AppSider, or similar), Fuzzing (AFL, SyzKaller, Peach, or similar) and code coverage (Bullseye, LDRA, etc).
  • Ability to work collaboratively and remotely with others to accomplish complex goals.
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