Health Informaticist

Job Description

Posted on: 
April 5, 2023

As a Senior Health Informaticist, you'll be responsible for developing and maintaining logical data models that power Flatiron Assist and Flatiron’s suite of related products. Your contributions will help to accelerate Flatiron’s ability to develop data driven solutions for Oncology Practitioners.

This position will partner closely with the Clinical, Data Insights, Engineering, and Product teams to leverage critical healthcare data within clinical decision support, ensuring inherent interoperability and the proper linking of data elements.


  • Utilize industry best practices to encode healthcare data to ensure interoperability of data elements
  • Work collaboratively with a diverse and interdisciplinary team of engineers, clinicians, product managers, and data insights engineers to facilitate the integration of logical data models into complex Clinical Decision Support workflows
  • Work collaboratively to leverage the FHIR standards within the Clinical Decision Support workflow
  • Proactively identify and highlight opportunities for informatics involvement in product development
  • Maintain active involvement in industry groups (AMIA, HL7, etc.) to identify emerging best practices and bring to Flatiron opportunities for transformative changes
  • Communicate how effective and efficient storage, translation, and utilization of linked healthcare data can transform the patient and clinician experience

Job Requirements

  • You have an advanced degree in informatics or a related field
  • You have 5+ years of informatics experience, preferably with a clinical decision support data modeling background
  • You have the ability to translate standards and interoperability concepts to an audience of non-informaticists (engineers, clinicians)
  • You have an understanding of general oncology related data elements
  • You have a strong understanding of FHIR standards and implementation guides (as well as earlier versions HL7v2, v3) and have experience interpreting them to guide product development
  • You have excellent command of technology to allow deep understanding of data
  • You are self-motivated and able to identify areas of opportunity and deliver high-value contributions
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