Software Engineer, Front-End (Growth Monetization)

Job Description

Posted on: 
April 6, 2023

This role will run experiments across various Grammarly interfaces to effectively communicate Grammarly Premium value to our users. They will contribute to several critical and technologically diverse Grammarly codebases, impacting millions of users and playing a key role in building the company's revenue growth.


  • Drive business impact by collaborating cross-functionally with product managers, data scientists, and designers on a stream of growth experiments.
  • Master the business growth domain.
  • Develop a broad set of engineering skills across diverse technological environments, including browser extensions, web editor, Windows and Mac desktop apps, and various backends.
  • Learn the industry's best experimentation practices.

Job Requirements

  • Embodies our EAGER values—is ethical, adaptable, gritty, empathetic, and remarkable.
  • Is able to collaborate in person 2 weeks per quarter, traveling if necessary to the hub where the team is based.
  • Has a growth mindset, and is focused on delivering measurable business impact.
  • Has a strong command of modern front-end technologies.
  • Has experience writing back-end services.
  • Can quickly adapt to new codebases, written in different languages and paradigms.
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